Cloud & Domain Management

cloud and domain management

We’re here to help manage, explain and support your cloud storage and domains – without the meaningless jargon.

We know that cloud storage can seem a bit illusive. ‘Save it on the cloud’ has become something most of us understand we should do, but have little knowledge of what or where that cloud actually is. At its simplest, cloud storage provides businesses with benefits such as reduced infrastructure costs on items such as inhouse servers, protection of your data that can be caused by physical damage or hard drive loss and increased accessibility to files from anywhere you can login. But with the plethora of options now available in the market, finding the right solution to meet your business’s needs can prove challenging. That’s why our team spends time exploring and understanding the different cloud management systems available so you can make an informed choice. In addition we can also manage DNS hosting and domain name registration for your business’s website and email to ensure your public facing technology is always setup correctly.

Our cloud and domain management services include:

  • Cost effective hosting solutions for any application or environment
  • A fully managed private cloud with N+1 redundancy based in Australia to satisfy uptime and compliance requirements
  • Website hosting available with a cPanel management interface
  • Domains registered via a fully Australian wholesaler with Australian SLA guaranteed support