Security, Backup & Disaster Recovery

security backup disaster recovery

We’re there to protect you, your business and your data – no matter what the world throws at your business.

With cybersecurity fears, data breaches and virus threats rising up the agenda for businesses worldwide, we’ve made sure we know how to protect you, your business and your data.  Our security, backup and disaster recovery services provide you with the peace of mind you need to feel your business and data are safe and secure. And while we’re focussed on preventing problems rather than reacting to them, we’re also there in case something does go wrong. We use the best in class vendors to protect your machines and ensure you will always have access to backups if you need – reducing your overall risk.

Our security, backup and disaster recovery services include:

  • Implementation and Management of centralised security systems
  • Strict monitoring of Antivirus, email filtration and preventative virus detection systems
  • Implementation and management of network firewalls and VPN connection points
  • Setup of advanced filtration rules for usage reporting and threat protection
  • Implementation and management of our backup platform
  • Setup of agreed Recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives (RPOs and RTOs)
  • Setup and testing of Disaster Strategies
  • Assistance with 2 factor authentication on critical services (like Office365 email)