Mail Archiving & Litigation Hold

mail archiving litigation hold

With us, your mail archive is kept organised and safe. So can operate your business with peace of mind.

With email now one of our primary forms of business communication, having your mail archived, stored and protected has become increasingly important for both maintaining your own records as a business and to meet legal requirements. Our team have developed our mail archiving and litigation hold services to protect the integrity of your organisation’s entire email history. No matter what type of email hosting your business utilises, we can devise a solution that offers true ‘legal-hold’ functionality.

What does the service include

  • Per mailbox backup on a monthly subscription model
  • Ability to backup any mailbox type (office365, Exchange server etc)
  • Emails are held in a secure vault for a specified time and cannot be removed by anyone
  • Can be used as an archive or backup system
  • Simple web portal access to be able to view the archived email