Where do we plug it in??

A question our helpdesk often receives, and for the average user, for good reason.

Video Cables – If it seems like there is a myriad of different plugs around, you are kind of right.

Display Connectors

Above are the most popular connectors you will find in an office environment. Different manufacturers tend to use different connectors but one thing is common, the older analog plugs like VGA are slowly on the way out.

Most new monitors and computers support either HDMI or DisplayPort. Never fear though, we have an abundance of adaptors and hybrid cables to get your peripherals connected up.

USB Cables and Plugs – below are the main types of USB plugs

USB Standard A is the main plug we are all used to, this is what keyboards, mice and printers all connect into the back of our computers. Type-B is commonly found at the ‘printer’ or ‘external hard drive’ end of the cable.

USB Type-C (USB3.1) is a move forward in standardisation and speed. USB3.1 Gen2 is capable of a massive 10 gigabits per second – 1,250 megabytes per second (over 1 terabyte per second). Unfortunately, it will be a few more years before our ‘USB thumb drives’ can move at that speed. The main benefit of USB3.1 is that it can be used as a universal plug to hook up your laptop to a docking station and charge the laptop at the same time through the same cable.

If you have any questions about getting connected, feel free to get in touch with us